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certified playground wood fiber bark

Statistics indicate that nearly 70 percent of all playground injuries are related to falls onto the surface. Playground safety experts highly recommend the use of various loose-fill surface materials to reduce the risk of injuries

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is the most popular choice for playground surfacing because of its protective qualities and lower cost (than other playground safety surfaces). EWF gives your playground an attractive, natural, and clean appearance. Once installed and settled, EWF forms a surface that properly cushions falls, but is also firm enough for wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

NorCal Wholesale Bark's Engineered Wood Fiber is 100% virgin wood. A product that looks similar in appearance to landscaping mulch; however, EWF products are designed for use as a playground safety surface under and around playground equipment. EWF products should meet the specifications in ASTM F2075 and ASTM F1292.

Routinely installing playground fiber in playground areas provides visual and protective benefits. The most obvious benefit of having adequate levels of certified fiber is that it makes the play area safer. Every year, children are seriously hurt by falls. Our NorCal certified playground fiber can help protect children and provide a safer play environment.

NorCal Wholesale Bark's Engineered Wood Fiber meets or exceeds the requirements outlined in ASTM F2075, ASTM F1292, and ASTM F1951 specifications. Click on the links below to view our independent laboratory test results.

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ASTM Surface Specification:
ASTM F1292
ASTM F2075
ASTM F1951
ASTM F2075
US Consumer Product Safety