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organi soil


Our highest quality, nutrient rich, natural and organic indoor/outdoor soil. Ready to use, simply plant directly in the blend, and water. Ready to use in grow bags, raised beds, large outdoor containers, any pot used inside or outside.

Premium Soil for Marijuana/Cannabis-Growing

Our premium potting soil is a nutrient-rich soil perfect for your legal marijuana-growing operation. High-quality potting soil will help minimize the need to add harmful chemicals to your seedlings and will allow your cannabis to grow in a more healthy manner. An optimal growing operation will allow the marijuana plants to produce sufficient amounts of THC and other desirable cannabinoids. Cannabis desires a nitrogen-rich environment in the early stages, a healthy PH balance throughout, and a proper mix of soil fungus to bacteria. Contact NorCal Wholesale Bark today to learn more about how our potting soil products can benefit your marijuana/cannabis operation.

We currently offer two blends:

NorCal 420 Premium Soil - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Coco Coir, Peat Moss, Composted Forest Product, Worm Castings, Perlite, Rice Hulls, Pumice, Soymeal, Bat Guano, Volcanic Rock Dust, Feather Meal, Green Sand, Azomite, Bone Meal, Gypsum, Dolomite Lime, and Humic Shale Ore.

NorCal 420 Growers Soil

Composted Forest Products, Perlite, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Pumice, Lava Rock, Worm Castings, Humic Shale Ore, Soy Meal, Gypsum, Dolomite Lime (for pH adjustment), and Azomite

Both of our available blends are licensed through the Clean Green Certified Program, which builds consumer/buyer confidence in the quality of products knowing they were produced in a sustainable manner and, whenever possible, were produced regionally to where they are being marketed/sold.

20 cubic yard minimum order please.


To order this product, please email us or call (916) 632-9419 or (530) 559-3033 today!